Advantage Services

We provide a multitude of Services including Education, Leadership Training and Staffing for Operating Rooms and Sterile Processing Departments, Infection Prevention Quality Program, Department Redesign, Construction and much more.

Advantage Services build a foundation, train the staff and trainer(s), and leave you the keys. We’d like to schedule a short conference call to discuss your needs and your specific goals.

Advantage Audits

Our department Audits process provide you with a real-time gap analysis of Practices, Processes and Products. The final findings report will provide actualized recommendations supported by AAMI, AORN, CDC and SGNA.


We offer Certified Staffing with the "Advantage Difference." Our commitment to staff and you are assured through regular feedback and rounding to our staffing clients.

Advantage Offers

Advantage Offers your goal of excellence for Sterile Processing and Operating Room departments. We provide department Assessments/Audits, Staffing and so much more.

Annual Audits

Annual Audits Resource Specialist and Support. Consultant support to assure that hospitals initiate best practice score via Sterile Processing Audits and support sustainability throughout the year. Serves Hospital Sterile Processing and Operating Rooms as well as Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Clinic settings. 


STERILE PROCESSING NATIONAL ADVANCED AUDITING & ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. The S.N.A.P. Team is an elite, highly skilled and trained support team that handles high risk operations that have fallen below best practices and procedures.

Surgical Service Line Optimization Program

The advantage team will audit The Surgical instrumentation per Service (orthopedics, Neurology, vendor trays and critical instrumentation) to provide decision makers in your department


Consulting and Leadership Staffing

We offer Certified Staffing with the “Advantage Difference.” Our team is On Time, Professional, Knowledgeable of best practices and Instrumentation, Properly Attired and Flexible to any work area you assign them. Our commitment to staff and you is assured through regular feedback and rounding to our staffing clients.

Audits with Solutions

Sterile Processing

We evaluate how your facility reaches the goal of Clean and Sterile, On-Time and Complete

Operating Room

Assessing the OR for surgical instrumentation practices during pre-op, intra-op, and post-operative care and handling of instrumentation.

Surgical Instrument Staining

Our SME's deliver findings reports and solutions for facilities that may experience surgical instrumentation staining.

Surgical Textile Linen

We help achieve your sterilization and surgical goals to extend solutions and reduce overall reliance on re-usable linen.

About Us

Medical staffing and education company that places trained and/or experienced professionals in areas such as ICU/CCU units, Operating Rooms, Pediatrics and outpatient clinics.

Walk Strong Foundation

As an organization that only deals in the healthcare arena, we strongly support the Walk Strong Foundation! A nonprofit medical humanitarian organization which provides knee and hip replacements at no cost to patients in developing and underserved countries.


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