Online Sterile Processing Education

Online Sterile Processing Education Competencies and Training Programs
Advantage Offers your Sterile Processing Education and Training Programs. Provided online to support your goal for Sterile Processing.


IAHCSMM sterile processing department technician certification  

(Book not included)

$ 599 $ 275

per license


IAHCSMM sterile processing department manager/leadership certification

(Book not included)

$ 200 $ 159

per license


IAHCSMM sterile processing department technician – instrument specialist

(Book not included)

$ 170 $ 75

per license


Competency for O.R. – turnover/point of use and transportation

$ 99

per license

Prep Exam CRCST

Preparation Exam for IAHCSMM CRCST 8th Edition

$ 15

per exam

Why Become Certified

It’s been widely recognized that obtaining professional certification status is the most important step CS/SP professionals can take toward advancing their careers and driving quality within their respective departments. CS/SP staff must have the knowledge, skills, and training to provide consistent, reliable, and quality-focused service. Certification – which makes CS/SP professionals privy to the latest technology, industry standards and processing practices – is perhaps the most direct route toward helping technicians reach that goal of excellence