Operating Room Education & Training Programs


We serve facility hospitals and ASC's with training and education for CS/SP, Operating Rooms and Infection Preventionists.

Our approach delivers a Standardization process to sterilization real time practices in accordance with best practices per ANSI/AAMI, AORN and CDC.

Our assessment approach delivers findings and recommendations for CS/SP processes, products and people (education gap analysis) typically within 3 days.

We deliver solutions with a concentration on quality control points of inspection that will provide tools to Trainers and IP's utilizing our Train the Trainer Program.

Our mission is to "leave the keys" including all tools necessary to rebuild a foundation in CS/SP and to provide a Refresher Course for OR Surgical Technologist to best serve their customers and patients.

Assessments with Solutions

Advantage Assessment Team will assess your Operating Room & CS/SP to deliver Real Time findings and Action Plans to reach the following goals:

Reaching the Goal of Sterile

Reaching the Goal of On-Time

Reaching the Goal of Complete

Some of the Items the Action Plans will provide are solutions for education gap analysis, quality checkpoints for processing instrumentation, standardizing practices, staffing algorithms, foundational tools for departments for Sterile, On-Time and Complete Instrumentation.

Operating Room Courses and Train the Trainer Offered On-Site

Our objective is to hand over the keys to your facility, once we have helped you reach the goal of excellence by developing and discovering staff that will carry your Operating Room goals forward.

Surgical Technologist Refresher Course

Our Course is designed to refresh current Surgical Technologists and Trainers on proper Core Curriculum Guidelines and Standards of Care as they pertain to the OR and Patient Care.
The course is taught utilizing AST, AORN and AAMI in approximately 6 weeks.

Competency for Operating Room

Training of Hospital designated Operative Staff concerning processes described in the multidisciplinary statement for the Joint Commission for Immediate Use Sterilization practices delivered

Surgical Technologist Preparation for Certification

Our Course is designed to assist previous graduates of Surgical Technology
Programs prepare and review to sit for certification, whether that be through NBSTSA (for CAAHEP or ABHES
programmatically accredited school) or NCCT certification
The curriculum provides the competencies set forth in the AST core curriculum guidelines.

Infection Prevention Quality Sterilization Assessment Training Program

Advantage Support Services delivers a proven model to aid IP's, OR and SPD Managers to assess and increase skill compliance to AORN and ANSI/AAMI recommendations to best practices.


Our Infection Preventionist Program initiates the development of IP's to best practices that initiate Subject Matter Experts (SME).


This course is for Infection Preventionist, OR and CS/SP Managers leading a Quality Assessment.


Our educators will come to you. The Advantage Support Training Program will be a 2 and a half day on-site customized curriculum conducted in YOUR facility.


  • Infection Preventionist and Subject Matter Expert (SME) Development
  • Seminar for CS/SP Quality Program
  • Assessment Tools for Over-Site and Quality Evaluations


Demonstration/Return Demonstration Rounding: Quality Assurances and technical review for the following:

Decontamination, Assembly/Preparation and Packaging, Sterilization (Steam, Gas Plasma and EtO and Assessment/Evaluation and Competency per attendee for tasks performed and testing results per lectured material

Train the Trainer: Subject Matter Experts

We Leave the Keys

The Train-the-Trainer (TtT) model, focuses on training a designated team member lead current staff and incoming staff to a standardized program.

Proven to be both efficient and cost-effective

Involves multiple types of trainees, including SPD Leadership, Educators both SPD and Operating Room.

Continuous Support for trainees

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Train the Trainer

Our Goal

Our objective is to hand over the keys to your facility, once we have helped you reach the goal of excellence by developing and discovering staff that will carry your CS/SP and Operating Room goals forward.


Our Process

Advantage will begin with an In-House Assessment to analyze your department needs. Once we have completed our assessment we can offer you our many CS/SP and Operating Room Programs. To learn more click the link below

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