Surgical and Sterile Processing Staffing Solutions

Providing services for 20+ years, our staffing solutions are customized to your Surgical and Sterile Processing needs. Advantages’ goal is to bring your department to its full potential with our cost effect, high-level team of professionals.

Surgical Staffing

Our history in the Operating Room began in 1997. We serve 90% of hospitals and ASCs with surgical staff in Tennessee, and are now supporting Operating Rooms with national teams. Providing a sustainable approach to strategic, operational, and educational services for surgical facilities.

• Operating Room Directors                                                                         • Operating Room Managers                  

• Operating Room Registered Nurse First Assistants                               • Operating Room Registered Nurses

• Certified Surgical Assistant                                                                        • Certified Surgical Technologists (CST)

• Operating Room Center Core (Liaisons)

Sterile Processing Staffing

Our Sterile Processing services provide an educational approach to standardize practices, creating uniform systems of care and developing internal leadership from within your existing staff.  The goal of Advantage is to bring your hospital to its full potential. By discovering and developing staff to carry your Sterile Processing goals forward, we are here to help you reach your goal of excellence and “leave the keys”.

Our “leave the keys” approach is an assured process that develops Sterile Processing team members to receive and deliver practices for the best patient outcomes while increasing the department’s high customer satisfaction rates.

• Sterile Processing Directors                                                                             • Sterile Processing Managers                    

• Sterile Processing Educators                                                                            • Sterile Processing Supervisors             

• Instrument Tracking System Optimization Specialist                                 • Surgical Implant Coordinator               

• Quality Assurance Technicians/Team Leads                                                  • Sterile Processing Technicians

• Durable Medical Equipment Coordinator                                                      • Durable Medical Equipment Reprocessing Technician

• Operating Room Center Core (Liaison)                                                          • Certified Endoscope Reprocessing Technicians