Advantages Surgical Services Supply Chain Supply Management is the art and science of honoring physician’s preferences while ensuring that your facility is maximizing cost savings on quality commodity items and stocking critical items at a rate that matches usage, delivery times, and expiration dates. We can ensure your facility is maximizing opportunities via GPO’s, Distribution options, and purchases in the healthcare marketplace.

Are you having a hard time getting your Operating Room Or Sterile Processing Department to look at product conversions that would save money for your organization?

Are you missing charges because you are relying on busy clinical staff to take care of patients in surgery and manually or electronically record items that were used in a case?

What do you surgeons, Sterile Processing department, and Operating Room staff think about your current vendor tray drop-off system?


  • Operating Room GPO to Current Inventory Analysis.
  • Sterile Processing Product Analysis.
  • Value Analysis Support Implementation of Inventory Tracking (Perpetual Inventory) system.
  • Implant Inventory Interface Activation.
  • Vendor Tray Management solutions (including restocking strategy consulting) Capital Equipment assessment and evidence-based Capital Purchase justification.
  • CMRP Study Courses.
  • Our Team assesses Group Purchasing Organizations’ usage compliance.
  • Sterile Storage inside the Operating Room.
  • Product conversion opportunities.
  • We have a dedicated team that can update Physician Preference Cards.
  • We have a staging team that can assess and rearrange your Sterile Core or SPD areas to gain space.

CMRP Certification